About Us

The Society for Policy Studies (www.spsindia.in) is a New Delhi-based independent think tank focused on India, its relations with the world, its place in South Asia and the larger Indo-Pacific dynamic; its public policies and their strategic, security, economic, and social impact on its people and its geopolitics. Through its physical and digital platforms, it helps foster dialogue and engagement with and among policymakers, opinion leaders, and civil society and provides a non-partisan forum to engage on critical issues, affecting India and the region.

As this region deals with policy challenges from strategic to economic, from social to environmental, the engagement between India and other South Asian countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, the extended neighborhood in the Gulf and Africa in the west to the Indo-Pacific in the east, and an interconnected world offer valuable lessons for robust examination, constructive criticism, and policy engagements as well as dispassionate analysis and interpretation.

SPS, with its domain expertise, wide connections, and proven ability to convene successful events and curate well-regarded online and offline conversations, is uniquely positioned to bring together policy makers, diplomats, officials, academics, analysts, and journalists from India and the region to have public conversations, encourage new thinking, and provide more informed and objective ideas and perspectives to current policy debates, while offering alternative approaches, viewpoints, and perspectives to some intractable problems.

SPS believes in the power of knowledge, ideas and skills in today’s information-driven society and works to curate, disseminate, debate and develop them through association with thought leaders and domain experts in various fields.